Affiliate Marketing – A Powerful Reason To Start Affiliate Marketing Today!

As a business owner it’s important we connect with other like minded professionals and continue to embrace all forms of marketing and the effects thereof. In this article I’m going to share with you a way that you can start adding a rush of steady TARGETED traffic to your online business.

Keywords are the way you can target your marketing. If someone is looking for a plumber to fix their central heating they will be entering search words like “plumber”, “fix my heating” etc. So make sure you are using keywords both relevant to what you are selling and match the most common search terms that people are using.

Non-targeted: Non-buy targeted traffic consists of everyone else on the internet that may just be looking around at what’s there. This is not the type of traffic you should be after so your approach to getting traffic has to be more specific.

You can add a pre-written series of quality information emails to your Autoresponder so when you gain subscribers you can sit back, relax and watch the money come in. This pre-written series must include quality information on the topic you chose and you could add a product recommendation to make some money. The product you choose must be on the same topic and must be worth the price i.e. it must be a quality product!

Classified Ads – you can create a FREE account with a load of sites that allow you to post classified ads around your business. My best pick is USFreeAds because Google loves them and so should you.

Social Bookmark Sites – Another great way to obtain a good amount of high quality backlinks is by using social bookmark sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit. Google loves these sites and will spot your links faster when using these places.

Be sure to update the content on your websites frequently: a stagnant website will be ignored by search engines and internet traffic alike. Consider using an update banner or counter on your site to show that it has been updated. That way, any web traffic that you do attract, will be more likely to return.

This is what we’ll go over tomorrow and we’ll start setting up your own highly targeted channel, so you too can benefit from a vast majority of the traffic most never see!

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Affiliate Marketing – A Powerful Reason To Start Affiliate Marketing Today!

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