College Party Theme Ideas – 3 Awesome Party Ideas

Big Brother 12 is set to air its season premiere on July 8, 2010 at 8pm EST. If you are big a fan of this show as I am, you are no doubt very excited about this! Are you feeling prepared to jump into the drama seeking realm of young adults as they are locked in a house together for the summer? Let’s start this Big Brother season 12 out with some cast biographies.

So, let my story be a lesson to all of you people that are excited about buying their first homes and earning an easy 8K. YOU WILL get your money, but chances are, you won’t get it when you want it! Learn to be patient, and for crying out loud, don’t rack up your credit card balances as you wait for it!

Of the two hams smpled—Father of Breman, KY. at $6 per serving, was a lean sugar cured ham aged 8-12months, and Finchville Farms of Finchville, KY., a $6 per serving, was a sugar, salt, red and black pepper, nitrate free cured ham aged 12 months and quite marbled. Both melted were melt in your mouth delicious, served on a cutting board of house made crackers, a dijon mustard that you’ll probably want a jar of to take home, some grainy and a sweet butter that could have very well been eaten alone on crackers.

When considering your guests you want to make sure that they will behave. If you trust your friends and family not to over indulge then it is fine to have free drinks and let them enjoy themselves. However if you are worried that some will abuse this trust and drink too much then it is better to have a cash bar and only have a glass of Korat for the toasts.

Roses like to be grown in a sunny position that is sheltered from strong winds. They don’t thrive in the shade or if crowded by other plants. A well-drained soil is important – roses will suffer in wet soils. If you have a heavy clay soil, dig in some organic matter and coarse grit to improve the drainage. Even if your soil is well drained it is best to improve it with organic matter such as well rotted manure, compost or recycled green waste before planting. Mix in some slow-release fertiliser (a specific rose food is best) as roses are heavy feeders. If the soil hasn’t been cultivated recently, aim to dig the soil to about 45cm (18 inches) deep.

Another great Hanukkah gift idea is for a Hanukkah wood photo frame that is laser engraved with Hanukkah and candles on it. The photo frame can be personalized with family last name and year. This makes a lovely gift to put family photos in that are taken from Hanukkah celebrations this year. You can buy the frame to fit a 3 1/2 x 5 photo for $24.95 or 5×7 for $29.95. The item number is 5394X.

Rapper Fabulous returns to JET celebrate his new clothing line and to host a special evening for the ladies. Sounds by DJ Hollywood. Doors open at 10:30 p.m. $30; locals free.

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