Does Size Matter In Email Marketing?

I’m gonna share with you some valuable info today that will help turn your marketing around. I know you’ve heard of email marketing and I’m pretty damn sure you’re using it now to promote your biz. But if it’s not giving you the conversion you need, then it’s time to take a closer look at how you’re doing it.

The first thing you need to do is sit down and have a little brainstorming session. You need to come up with 20 to 25 different areas or topics you can cover in your autoresponder series. For example, let’s say your topic is golf. You can cover swings, technique, the best shoes for golfing, golfing clubs etc. Turn each one of those topics into a short little article that can be sent out.

You can do this to get more people on your list and it can also be used as a bribe to your existing list, giving them a gift in exchange for passing this message on. By doing this, you can both grow your list and leverage it for maximum benefit. By giving your readers an incentive to take action, you get a better response. Free offers also have the potential to turn viral if enough people forward the message and bring you more traffic.

There’s nothing better to connect a group of people than a well told story. Go out on a Saturday night and the people with the most friends around them are usually the ones who tell stories and tell them well. In Sendlane Review, you often see your competitors producing content that’s only related to their product- and of course nothing that’s useful. If your product has been used in ways that has a story around it, by all means do anything possible to get that story into your email newsletter. To maximize the effect, spread the story over a few issues in order to build up a buzz.

Focus on your subject lines. This is the one thing you should probably invest the most time in and maintain the most flexibility in. This is the first and often last impression your target will see. Try different ones out and watch your traffic and conversions carefully. This is the subject of a several other articles on copy writing.

It’s very easy to get set up with them and most people are used to purchasing with PayPal online today. One nice thing about them is you can access all of your expenses online which makes it very easy for record-keeping.

You can analyze your place in the market through email marketing tools. These tools help in calculating the response rate for every newsletter, record every click in your email and use Google Analytics to cross check your objectives. It is tough to know the profit or ROI (Return of Investment) in traditional marketing.

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