Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities Through Article Marketing

If you’ve ever dabbled in blogging, you might have thought “it’d be great if I could do this for money”. Maybe you’re a born writer, happiest when words are flowing out of your mind, through your finger-tips to the keyboard, and onto the screen.

For any Internet marketing business, building is one of the key facets to a proper success strategy as it attracts other sites to link to yours. This is also aided by the quality of relevant information derives from guest blog posting service well-written content from your site which readers would be interested in.

I’ve also had some luck (I’ve made more than I’ve spent) advertising at Goodreads. There you do pay-per-click ads (meaning you only pay if someone clicks the ad) with a title, short blurb, and thumbnail picture of your book. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re selling your ebook for 99 cents (because you have to pay about 25 cents just for a click), but for my novels, which are currently priced at $2.99, the royalty rate is high enough that I can afford a few clicks per sale.

2) Connect with Bloggers – Contact the top bloggers aligned with the message of your book. Ask if they would be interested in receiving a blogger outreach services from you. Most of the time, a blogger is more than happy to accept the offer as long as you know the message you will deliver will be of value to the readers.

PageRank Boosting Links: These links are mostly dofollow links coming out from relevant pages with a good PR. The higher the PR is of the page which has your link, the better are the chances of your PR getting a boost. Once relevant pages are found out, one can commence building PR boosting links to one’s website. Through a flurry of blog comments, link requests and directory submissions.

Do some article marketing and every time that you publish an article in an article directory you can include a link to your site. There are many article directories on the internet that allow you to include a link to your site on each one article that you submit so this is a great way to build backlinks.

It is recommended that you monitor the search engine position and ranking web of your site at regular intervals. This will help you see which methods are working and which are harming your rankings.

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Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities Through Article Marketing

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