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Do you travel to Palm Harbor, or Tampa for a good Indian meal? Now you don’t have to as Mo Farooq has opened up the Taj Mahal Curry Restaurant on US Hwy 19, New Port Richey.

The crowds and flickering fluorescent lights at Missoula’s Southgate Mall are enough to make you drown yourself in the wishing fountain outside Sears or strangle yourself with any number of retro shoelaces from Hot Topic. If that’s a little extreme, maybe a stiff drink would hit the spot? Better yet, how about a cheap stiff drink in a classy hotel chemnitz with some tasty appetizers to boot? Now we’re talking.

Your wedding cake is very important. Ask for pictures of previous cakes they’ve made or at a food sample meeting, ask for a samples of the cake they would be able to make for you. Can’t afford a large cake? Consider having a smaller cake to cut with cake served from the kitchen. Offset that with a more affordable dessert buffet table. Many won’t have room for cake or want cake if they are stuffed with wedding themed/shaped desserts. Most caterers will allow you to sample the planned dishes.

Although this may sound a little strange, the spouse left here needs some type of relaxation. I’ve found that regular television shows covers too much information about the fighting going on over-seas. Any news break about a local soldier dying in combat breaks too much pain. Most deployed spouses begin not to watch much television until their spouse returns. A good DVD after the children go to bed is a great way to escape reality. A “chick flick” is even better because it’s hard to see these movies when my husband is here.

It’s time to give her comfort and relaxation in return. Spoil her in spa for a whole day of relaxation. She’ll love to get that massage from her busy day at work and tiring household chores.

So what has Earl Grey got to do with dieting and slimming? Earl Grey was a British Prime Minister who was responsible for the Great Reform Act of 1832, which began the process of electoral reform. But as well as reforming British politics he also reformed tea. He asked Richard Twining to make him an aromatic tea based on a tea given to him as a gift by a Chinese Mandarin. Twinings developed a tea flavoured with oil of bergamot and it later became know as Earl Grey tea.

Then start talking about some fun things you did in the past couple of weeks. While you’re talking about those events, drop a few “she’s” into the conversation. Don’t mention a friend or anything before.

As it was the middle of the afternoon, the restaurant was quiet, so I had a chance to talk with the owner. Mo moved from India to New York in 1979. He worked for Subway before coming down to Florida in 2001. He did private catering for several years, before starting his own restaurant. His first location was at the north end of New Port Richey, but moved to the new location, January of this year.

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