Here Is How You Can Move Your Blog To Your Own Domain (Part 2)

You may have a website that is incredibly lame like a lot of electricians that come my way. Maybe it’s something that you built in GoDaddy or somewhere for free or maybe it’s something that someone built for you a while ago or a brother in law, a cousin.

If I told you that you WordPress blogs could spend a week learning a skill and then use that skill to make a month or more whenever you wanted would you do it?

Believe me when I say that you can find a tutorial for anything you can think of on the internet. I basically taught myself by trial and error, and Googling for tutorials when I got stuck.

This guide got me started from not knowing what making money from blogs is all about, to making $4,000 average per month now. Unlike other blogging guides, Atomic Blogging provides you download links to all the WordPress hemsidan templates and plug-ins you will need, thus saving you time.

Popular free blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger and Typepad. I personally use and recommend WordPress as they are quick and easy to use with heaps of cool hop-ups for them such as themes and plug ins to help improve search engine rank and visitor-friendlyness.

Use Social Bookmarking services to bookmark each blog post – whenever you post to your blog use a social bookmarking service e.g. Digg or StumbleUpon. There are also services such as OnlyWire and SocialMarker that will let you submit your site to multiple bookmarking services at the same time. Social bookmarking can get you additional traffic to your blog and give you a backlink to your blog post.

However there are some drawbacks to having a blog on your website as well. A blog spells a major commitment to fresh content. The purpose of the blog is to inspire confidence in your clientele, both existing and potential. That purpose cannot be met if the blog does not get updated with quality content at regular intervals. You can set the frequency from anything like once a day to twice a week, but you need to keep getting relevant content posted on the blog.

Easily changeable. WordPress allows you to modify themes to change the look of your site without rewriting any of the content. This allows great freedom in changing the design of your site. The hundreds of plugins that are available will make it easy for you to add new features and optimize your website to meet the needs of your business.

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