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Marketing of homes, condos, and other real estate has changed dramatically in the past decade. Techniques that were effective 10 years ago are largely ineffective today. The proliferation of the internet has enabled buyers to view many more homes in a much more efficient manor.

If you’re thinking – ‘Why in the world would I use one of these sites to sell my house?’ you are not alone. Most sellers today are still using traditional tools to market and sell their home. My affinity floor plan trends newsletter said that in 2008, 70-80% of buyers used the internet somewhere in their home-buying process. That’s huge!

Forty years ago, being a broker was depended on your intuitive ability to use a “seat of your pants” philosophy in procuring deals. Many men (and it was overwhelmingly male) had come to the business not with a college degree but had previously worked in the industries that they now specialized in as real estate brokers. One day, I was in a sewing factory with an old broker who was speaking to the owner of the company. The broker noticed that one of the foremen was having trouble fixing one of the sewing machines. The broker went over and had the machine working in no time. In a heavy East European accent, he told the owner that he had had his own factory when he came from Europe. Needless to say, he snagged a client that day.

I don’t know about you, but the state of the economy is no reason to violate the rights of your fellow man. I wanted to take some time and reach out to those in the professional service industry. To be more specific, I am talking about Realtors. As a certified personal defense specialist and trainer, and Realtor, I wanted to share some tips for your safety with you as business is starting to pick back up with activity. The potential to be confronted with squatters or people seeking shelter in vacant homes is also on the increase because of the foreclosure crisis.

The ideal thing to do is to hire an agent. This is the best idea because you are sure to compete with professionals in terms of selling properties. They also know a network of professionals that can help speed up the sale of your home at a good value. Moreover, they are already experienced in finding serious buyers and in negotiating with them. You will have a greater chance of getting a good offer if you work with an agent too.

People can find deals across the board with everything offered at local police auctions and electronics is no different. If you are looking for a new iPhone these events may not be the best place to find it. But if you are in the market for big ticket electronics than you may just want to stop by. Imagine grabbing a $2,000 home stereo for a few hundred bucks. Or a $5,000 60″ 1080P HDTV for under $1,000. Police seize laptops, home computers, blu-ray you name it.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, most folks choose to get professional advice on big financial decisions. Purchasing a home is typically one of the biggest financial decisions in ones life.

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