Look And See If Chinese Drywall Is In Your Home

It’s a constant question now in the real estate market: Is it a good time to buy a house? Of course it is difficult to answer in an article since you may be reading this years after it is written, when conditions have changed. But whenever you find this article, the following three crucial factors are what you’ll want to look at to answer the question for yourself.

Just to keep things fair and honest, there is something you must realize if you are new to the online business world. Roughly 90% of the review or scam websites are brought to you courtesy of unscrupulous internet marketers who are willing to thrash some else’s program in order to convince you to buy the one they are promoting. If you read a scam article that then goes on to tell you what worked for them, take that review with a grain of salt. If, on the other hand, you find yourself reading a personal account warning you to avoid a certain program that does not involve a sales pitch; Buyer Beware!

What happens next is that the buyer asks for the seller to repair items. If the seller refuses, and the buyer does not want to move forward with the contract, the buyer is out money and the seller will make the repairs for their next buyer.

Of course there is no decision. The procedures and processes set up by the lenders, mortgage servicers and mortgage investors inadvertently can chew up realtors who go it alone and spit them out. I’ve seen grown men weep and I have heard veteran realtors vow to get out of riverfront residences floor plan after trying to negotiate their own short sale listings.

For Sale By Owner homes are often a sore spot for Realtors who believe that they, and only they, have the skills, resources and experience to sell a home and get top dollar for their client. But Realtors are missing a great opportunity to talk to buyers if they fail to capitalize on what FSBO’s have to offer…A HOME FOR SALE!

Or, just maybe, you have a family friend or someone in the neighborhood that is selling their home themselves. A For Sale by Owner home that you like. You can still have your Realtor talk with the sellers and present the offer. Going this route alone is a lonely road.

Instead of a phone call, your prospects are an e-mail away. They opted into your list. They want what you’re offering. Don’t drop the ball. Begin the conversation. Send periodic e-mails and offers. Free and otherwise. Give them that extra special treatment they deserve.

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