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WordPress has been one of the most popular platforms for you to create your own blogs or websites. Reason is very simple, because it is free to use and is highly customized. No wonder it is always the first choice for any blogger in the world. But sad to say that it is a fact that bloggers tends to fall into the WordPress pitfall that kills SEO because they just use the out of the box default settings. Now, let’s get started and fix it.

Duplicate Content: This is inevitable as posts can be found in multiple ways e.g. by category and by date. For WordPress baserad sida SEO purposes this is bad so the search engines should be told not to index this duplicate content. Once again a plugin can be installed to do this.

The second method that I like to use is Google Adsense. This is the advertising model by Google, whereby you paste a code into your blog, and Google ads will be displayed in small ad blocks. These ads will be directly related to the topic that you write about. Each time a visitor clicks on the ads, you will earn a sum of money. The downside of this method is that the earnings from each click can be small, so you will need to repeat this method over and over to generate substantial earnings.

Use links and back-links. (Ok I’ll be honest here, I just learned what a back-lnk is: it’s basically like it sounds, it’s a link on another blog or website that links back to your blog. Cool!) Additionally, you want to include as many links as possible. If you are referencing another article, include a link back to the person who wrote it.

However WordPress blogs once you generate a lead that person is coded to you forever. If they buy another Magnetic Sponsoring product a year later, you still get the commission.

In short, Contest burner helps you get plenty of traffic as you give your visitor a chance to win price in exchange they have to share your site in their facebook, twitter, youtube. It is a perfect tool for launching product as you can double your traffic in prelaunch season so that you can make more money fast.

Hopefully now you have learned what is best for your WordPress blog, no follow, do follow, or something in between. Remember, each has its own pros and cons, it is really all about what is most suitable for you and your blog.

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