Ten Travel Tips For Your Great Florida Vacation

Travelling by car is not the best choice since it takes you a lot of time and money. So commuters will look for any type of transportation that could save them both their time and money. Most people ignore to travel by train because of its expensive fare. What they don’t know is that travelling by train can save them huge saving if they know where and how to get cheap train tickets.

How do you book Train Tickets? Do you stand in queue at the railway station counter or get it through an agent or buy it online? Why involve in hassles and waste time when you can book train tickets at the Indian railways site. This online booking facility has been introduced of late to decrease the booking load witnessed in the IRCTC website. Just go through the trains list, select your train and get the bookings done.

Nokia is introducing a cell phone that works like a debit card. The new technology lets you download virtual cash into your mobile phone. You can then train booking, movie tickets, or pay for parking simply by swiping the handset past a reader. The phone incorporates the pay as you go technology that several of the large credit card companies are beginning to implement.

1st class sleepers (2-berth), and 2nd class sleepers (4-berth) with restaurant car serving full meals, snacks, drinks and beer. Advance reservation is required.

The following is a great example of how the phone is going to be used. Recent tests in the city of Oula involved seniors. They were able to use the phone to order home-delivered meals by tapping their phones against the menu they were ordering from. Of course, this was made possible by having interactive menus, but that is another new technology for another day. The entire concept is a work in progress that has seen a positive reaction from the industry.

You can enjoy your nightlife well in Birmingham as there are many nightclubs bars and restaurants. Birmingham is famous for its young and vibrant nightlife. Some of the best bars and nightclubs are The Medicine Bar, The Sanctuary, The Rainbow pub in Birmingham. So don’t miss the nightlife of this beautiful place.

Booking your travel into sections can also save you a lot of money. To do this, you need to get a quote from the first journey and make a note as well as their quotes of every pit stop until you reach your final destination. This is suitable for long distance travel and for those people who doesn’t mind the inconvenience of changes.

Rupizcompare provides you the facility to book Cheap Rail Tickets online by which you can also compare tickets price here before purchasing one. Not the end you can also avail cheap travel packages here.

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