The Importance Of Word Choice In Expert Witness Reports

My son brought home a flyer from school about a youth soccer league, asking parents and coaches to teach certain attributes to their children. These qualities included morals, sharing, patience, persistence and “how to lose”. According to the flyer, winning was not important. Instead, the flyer suggested sitting down after each game or practice and telling each child how great he or she did!

There are many variation regarding custody when it comes to custody battles. Some parents agree on the primary care of the child, but they don’t agree on custody. While custody is just a word, in an adversarial justice system, labels can mean al lot to parents and their egos.

And who was at fault when the patient died on the surgery table? Was it the hospital, the internist, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the nurse, the manufacturer of the shunt, or the HMO? There will be an Expert witness for and against each position.

Domain – most constituencies have limits and the challenges to power often originate at the boundaries. So we explored the power we might have over the defaulting guarantors through the people who set their boundaries.

The line that really blows my mind is: “Winning is not important!” It was the goal of this organization to teach kids to “learn to lose” and completely avoid the concept of winning. It can’t be done.

Observations: that was a wonderful comeback. If you answer a compound question, the attorney can use your answer to apply to any portion of the question. You buy into the vagueness as well as possibly any assumptions that the lawyer phrased as part of the complex question. The attorney can make it sound like you have answered all parts of his compound question with your single answer.

When you answer a list-related question, end your answer with: “that’s all I can recall right now.” This enables you to bring up additional items for the list later.

Everyone knows that attorneys charge a fee for their services. With this kind of charge, there are any number of things that could have an influence on the cost. You may have to return to court a second time. Your lawyer may wish to call an expert witness. These things, and many others could have an impact on the cost. Have your attorney disclose any and all things that could possibly have a bearing on the amount you will have to pay.

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