Trendy Indian Pashmina Shawls

Wedding day jewelry. A no-brainer, really. Bridesmaids will receive a practical and gorgeous gift (which they do not have to purchase themselves); plus the bride gets to choose the jewelry herself. Win-win.

Men can also wear it to work too as substitutes to their neckties. You have to admit it, ties can be boring to look at sometimes particularly when you are seeing it daily. But it does not mean that you should get rid of those too. What women like sometimes in men is their courage of trying out new things. And wearing a scarf to work is definitely something new to him. Wear it using the steps above and your wife may be happy with its outcome.

Choose a shawl or stole that has a soft fabric and that drops beautifully against your shoulders and neck. For evening events and dinner dates, with a black dress or solid color gowns, choose a fabric that has silver threads, or good glitter in it. The reflected light from the fabric can add drama to your face, plus it acts like you were wearing jewelry. Beading and fringes are also nice touches. They can add glitter over a black or monochrome dress. Also, don’t forget to add a brooch to hold it in place!

Pashmina wool is not only beautiful and light, it is also amazingly warm. As a shawl or scarf, it is also versatile and very easy to wear. You can simply toss it over your shoulders or tie it in various fashions. In doing so, you not only keep yourself comfortably warm but are also able to alter your look within seconds.

Layering up is an easy way to get away from the cold winters. Flaunt a classy wedding saree with a short sleeved stylish blouse. For a sophisticated look, embrace a matching pure pashmina online. You can also try out other Indian ethnic clothes like long jacket style gharara-choli or anarkali salwar kameez to reflect a fashionable yet traditional look.

Silk lined leather gloves are another timeless woman’s accessory. I would advise silk lined over cashmere in this instance as they will make the fingers look more slender and feminine than cashmere lined gloves. As for the colour, I would recommend a neutral black, brown or beige unless you are sure of a certain colour.

To keep moths away from your precious pashmina, place a few naphthalene balls in the cupboard or the closet. Also ensure that the storage place is free from dampness or moisture. So, with these caring tips for your pashmina shawls, you can enjoy wearing it for a long time.

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