Enchanting Desert Safari In Dubai

Dubai desert safari is among those exciting trips that offers utmost pleasure and joy to everyone. The fascinating round trip in a 4WD vehicle casts its spell on those tourists who love to take part in thrilling activities. Desert safari drive, camel riding , delicious barbeque, camps with comfortable sleeping beds, Bedouins stalls, etc are some activities that will remain in your memories for many years.

It is a land that conceals the colourful, intriguing world of the rural life of the people who made it their home. Rolling hills, scrub vegetation are the characteristics of the land. It is believed that the present Thar region once contained innumerable number of marine animals. Archaeologists have uncovered enough evidence to support the existence of life and a civilisation as old as the Indus valley one. The Thar is surrounded on one side by the plains of Punjab, the Aravalli range and the plains of the Indus valley.

You should never forget to visit Wild Wadi park especially when you come along with your family. This outdoor park brings many water sliders for adult and kids. Every member of your family will love to spend his time here. It is situated in the area of Jumeirah, next to Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al-Arab (only seven star hotel of Dubai).

In 90’s, basant celebration was being widely celebrated but then suddenly it came under ban due to an increasing number of deaths which was caused by highly tensile glass coated threads. If you are living in Dubai, and if you are a Muslim then probably you miss your home land at such occasions. But Dubai is a Muslim state, so they also take care about people sentiments. You can find kites during Dubai tour specialty desert safari in Dubai tour. You can decorate your home or even can arrange functions to make the day memorable. Kites are often use in weddings and other functions to make the event memorable.

If you are looking for a real Dubai and an Arabian life, Dubai creek is the best place. You are going to see many merchants selling textiles, fish and gold. Wooden ships are also there to maintain the traditional nature of Dubai.

Visa requirements changed dramatically as of August 1, 2008 so make certain that you carefully verify what is required. Upon arrival, you will fill in an immigration and customs form. A portion of the card will be retained and you will be required to surrender it upon departure so don’t lose it.

Another important thing you need to know before hiring any UAE car rental is the Salik system. Salik is an Arabic word which means clear/open and it refers to the electronic tolling system of UAE. This system has replaced the toll collectors and toll stations at various points and it allows automatic toll deduction of AED 4 through the RFID technology. This amount is to be bared by the owner of the vehicle and you will be asked for this when you will return the car to the rental car UAE.

Another entertaining option is cruising on the boats and yachts charters. What better way to enjoy an evening in Dubai, than to have a candle light dinner on the decks of the yachts. Now you can cruise around the famous Palm Island, World Island and the world’s most popular Burj Al Arab Hotel. Enjoy the unforgettable memories you share with the open clear skies and the deep blue seas. Indulge in vibrant activities as a part of the Dubai desert safari trips and take home some beautiful moments to cherish.

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