How To Design A Customer Satisfaction Survey

What’s next after someone becomes your customer? What’s next is to deliver on what you said you would. People expect you to deliver results. Surprise them by also going the extra mile over and over again.

So how will you find out which customers are happy and which are not? What is essential is how do you inquire? What are their preferences? And how preferably are they to suggest your business to others?

Now (and here comes my favorite part about direct email marketing), we can go into the Reports and Stats section of our direct email marketing program and get deep into our campaign. We can see exactly who opened our messages, and when they did it. We can even see who forwarded their coupons to their friends.

If any of the reasons above apply to you and your site, maybe its time for further study. If you are an entrepreneur or own a smaller company, recruit family and friends to visit your site and give constructive criticisms. If your firm is larger, you may decide to institute a market study, and use online survey tools.

Ask your customers to fill out a brief wendys survey. Leave space for comments at the end. Make sure to also ask at the end of the survey, “May we use your name and comments in our marketing materials?” Have a space for them to check “yes” or “no,” along with their signature. Most people are delighted to have you use their comments!

A TARP Worldwide report revealed that 96% of unsatisfied customers do not complain directly and 90% of them wont buy again. The report also showed that one unsatisfied customer will tell nine other people of their experience. It gets worse when at least one of those dissatisfied customers tell 20 other people of it!

You need to ask good questions to get good answers. There is a right way and a wrong way to ask questions. In fact, with customer satisfaction surveys, there are lots of WRONG ways to ask questions. Wrong survey questions get wrong survey answers. There are many available survey tools online that you can choose, but deciding which of them is the best can be challenging. Doing a survey based on your own trial and error can be risky.

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