Wall Paneling Enhances Homes And Offices

Do you need more living space but simply do not have the funds to add a new room or two? Perhaps you have a baby on the way or you need a home office. Or maybe two kids sharing a room need their own space. The answer may literally be right under your nose!

Dangerous props Fake chainsaws and weapons can add a scary touch to your haunted house, but sometimes the prop can be just as dangerous as the real thing. Watch out for sharp edges or heavy props that could fall and hurt someone. Try to stick with plastic or foam props if possible. Also, be careful with small props that a child could choke on.

Moving Maze – Alter the layout of your house, or whichever building you use, by making moving walls. Frame demising wall construction with PVC pipe covered in heavy black fabric or painted cardboard. As your guests wander through the haunted house, have staged “ghouls” move the temporary walls to block off doorways.

Gee whillikers, in a store the size of a football field those large signs are very helpful, or so I thought. Now I am told that I can only figure that over in the general area of the big refrigerators there is fresh chicken somewhere.

Dollar store window clings. Dollar tree has some very cute St. Patrick’s Day window and wall clings cheaply priced at $1 for a large sheet of about 8 clings. Two packages of St. Patrick’s Day clings are enough to decorate the windows or brighten up the closet doors.

Liquid starch can be difficult to find in local stores but it does exist. Faultless Liquid Starch in 64 oz bottles can be purchased online for as little as $5.95. You could need two bottles but you might start with one for a room less than 120 square feet.

Dye the sheet green following the instructions on the Rit Dye container. 3. Tumble dry, and then use the green sheet over the existing bedspread to transform the look of the bed.

For more info: if you have the type of skillset that would work for Costco and are looking for a job, I recommend that you drop by and put in an application. If they are shorthanded and you are out of work, it could be a very good combination.

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