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Sometimes the best Zerg strategy when confronting a Protoss revolves around being very mindful of what your opponent is doing and having quick reaction time.

Yes, there are those who live in a basement, bashing their skulls against the walls, trying to find the best ways to make gold in wow. As you may have guessed, they don’t do it for free, but they are good at it and if you have the dollar then contact them online.

When you’re ready to leave the newbie zone you’ll be able to free cloud mining. The best thing to do is ask the guard where a mining trainer is and then follow his directions. Once you find the trainer, buy the skill and then head to a blacksmithing supplier or mining shop which you should find close by. You need to buy a mining pick. This is the one and only tool you’ll need for the mining profession.

Next, you might be told that the best way to start making money is by killing chickens and collecting their feathers. It’s a very good idea, but you need to collect a few hundred (about a thousand ideally) and sell them all in one go to make the most amount of money from them.

You need to expand as early as possible because you will need the extra resources. The only way to beat Protoss units is with the correct counter-unit in the correct numbers. Beyond the choice of which Zerg unit to use in battle, it all comes down to the numbers that you have at your disposal. Of course there is a great amount of skill involved as well.

Exercise #2: Write a story about a new relationship. Alternate between your perspective and your new significant other’s perspective on the progression of your relationship.

Last but not least, you should take the volume of the ore in account. Every time you reach your maximum cargo capacity, you will have to unload your ore. You can head to a station to drop off your ore, before you resume mining. This takes time however, and cuts down on your mining yield. If you are alone, you better choose a small ore type (like veldspar) and make sure your Solar System has a station nearby.

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